Genesis 1:1-2″

In the beginning GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the SPIRIT OF GOD was moving over the surface of the waters.” Amen!

Let us all come together in Spirit and bask in Presence of Our Almighty God! He is ushering you into His throne of grace.

He is taking you to the sacred place of peace and allowing His unconditional love to flow effortlessly through you. His voice is clear and His words are warming your heart and comforting your soul. He is proclaiming Himself as your Almighty God and Creator from the beginning. He is proclaiming this day as your New Beginning! He is proclaiming His new sun shinning over the darkness of last night. He is empowering you to CREATE the desires of your heart today! He is proclaiming HIS SPIRIT moving through you and upon all you are achieving today! He is aligning your thoughts upon His Word and the Almighty Power released when you speak it and apply it to your life. He is holding you to your greatness right now. He is bringing to life thoughts of creating goodness today and allowing His Spirit to move them into action.

Create love today. Create joy today. Create forgiveness today. Create peace today. Create a new profession that allows you to use the gifts that have been given to you. Create kindness for someone who needs a gentle touch.

God is proclaiming in the Beginning HE CREATED and this is the Beginning of your New Day and you are empowered and free to Create with HIM today the desires of your heart! Allow His Spirit to move through you and inspire you right now. Allow His Spirit to ignite a fire of desire and then step into the power of creating something glorious for God and those you share today with.

Your gifts are waiting to be used today for the glory of God. He is holding you UP to WHO He created you to BE today!

Heaven & Helen just prayed for you!